It’s Christmastime!

Although we are still 2 months away from Christmas, I wanted to share this post now since this book will be SOLD OUT soon!

This is another reusable sticker book from Usborne Books & More (see my other posts on All Better, Little Bear Needs Glasses and Kisses, Cuddles and Goodnight!). Just a reminder, these sticker are ACTUALLY reusable; when the sticker loses the stickiness, just run them under water and VOILA! – sticky again!

This book comes with 15 stickers that can be placed throughout the book, wherever your child chooses. I like that it is child-guided and doesn’t have to have a ‘right’ spot. However, older children will enjoy picking out the clues to help them figure out where stickers ‘should’ go.

Based on the text, we could assume a snowman should go by Bear, and Mouse should be pulling a snack of nuts/apple on the sled. However, a child can do whatever they want!

Stickers include: bell, bow, present (gift), moon, hat, horn (trumpet), teapot (kettle), cookies, ornaments, lantern, star, snowman, scarf, snowflakes (garland), and snacks (apple/nuts).

The stickers are made of thick plastic. I love how colorful and detailed they are as well!

This book follows 5 friends as they prepare for Christmas and the fun they have! It is a very cute story that is sure to be read over and over again!

Here are some speech/language ideas as you read through this book:

  • Speech Sounds
    • /b/: bear, bow, bell, ball, bundle, build
    • /p/: present, pull, pinecone, paper, pan (what fox sleds in)
    • /m/: moose, mouse, moon, merry
    • /h/: hat, horn, happy, hot, hang, hill, help
    • s-blends: squirrel, snack, snowman, snowball, snowflakes, sled, ski, scarf
  • Core Words
    • Want
      • What sticker do you want?
      • I want the scarf
    • Not
      • Fox is not happy
      • I do not want that sticker
      • Mouse can not reach the top of the tree
  • Asking/answering wh- questions
    • Where should we put the hat?
    • What sticker should go on the tray?
    • Why did you decide to put the scarf on the bear instead of the mouse?
    • Who should get the present?
  • Giving and following directions
    • This would be a GREAT group activity – have one child tell the other child where to put each of the stickers
  • Reasoning
    • Why do you think the squirrel is not carrying a snowman on the tray?
  • Predicting
    • What do you think will happen to fox?
    • What do you think is on squirrel’s sled?
  • Emotions
Moose is worried, Fox is scared, Squirrel is surprised and Mouse is happy
  • Relate to real world experiences
    • Have you ever gone sledding?
    • Have you ever built a snowman?
    • Do you get to drink hot drinks when it is cold outside?
  • This would be a great book to use when working on first/then or before/after.
    • Before you put on the bell, put on the present.
    • After you put the teapot somewhere, find a place for the scarf.
    • First put the ornament on the tree and then put the teapot on the table

I LOVE this book and highly recommend it if you are looking to add some Christmas-themed books to your home or therapy library this season. You can purchase this book here! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do!

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