Poppy and Sam’s Hide-and-Seek

This durable board book is sure to become a favorite as every page contains colorful pictures, a flap to lift, and 3-5 different textures!

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a training by Tobii Dynavox yesterday, and the importance of teaching core words to our young learners was reinforced! Core words are frequent (can be used all day with purpose), flexible (can be used in multiple situations and have multiple meanings), functional (useful for all daily contexts) and for all (useful for all ages). The presenters emphasized the importance of incorporating literacy as your child is learning language (which I, of course, agree with!). My plan is to update all previous posts to include the core words that could be targeted – ASAP!

Here are some speech/language tips as you read this book!

  • Speech sounds
    • /p/: pig, Poppy, pail
    • /b/: barn, bird, bunny, bush, behind, bee
    • /h/: hiding, he
    • /w/: one, water, where, worm
    • /d/: duck, dog, door
    • /f/: fence, field, four, five
  • Core words
    • go
      • Where did the hen go?
    • not
      • The sheep is not here, where could he be?
      • This is not the pig
  • Expressive language
    • Label animals, animal sounds
    • Answer ‘where’ questions
    • Present progressive -ing (she’s hiding, he’s hiding, I’m hiding)
    • Combining words
      • Find the duck on every page (I see the duck, I found the duck, where is the duck)
  • Receptive language
    • Point to different animals
    • Bombardment of concepts under, behind
    • Understanding that ‘where’ questions refer to a location
    • Answering yes/no questions
  • Pronouns he, she, I
  • Adjectives – soft, rough, bumpy, shiny, smooth

I invite you to download my free animal sort on Teachers Pay Teachers. Use this to work on categories and vocabulary. This activity would also be a great time to work on those core words – go and not!

Where does the pig go? The bear does not live on the farm!

If you would like to add this book to your home or therapy library, you can purchase it here.

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