I Do It Like This!

How do you eat? How do you move? How do you hide? How do you sleep?

In this fun, non-fiction book, children will enjoy learning about the similarities and differences between themselves and a variety of different animals.

Here are some speech and language tips as you read!

  • Work on answering yes/\no questions
    • Do you eat bamboo like a panda?
    • Do you sleep upside down like a bat?
    • Do you get clean in a bathtub?
  • Have your child follow simple directions (and get them moving!)
    • STICK your tongue out like a chameleon
    • BOUNCE like a kangaroo
    • Scuttle SIDEWAYS like a crab
    • QUIVER like a bumblebee
  • Speech sounds (SO MANY great words!). Check out my post on Speech Sound Production to see the ages sounds are typically developed by.
    • /p/: panda, peck, pointy, picks, paddle, poison, pack, peacock, polar bear, parrots, pool, penguins
    • /b/: bird, beak, bubbly, bath, bugs, back, baby, bumblebee, bat
    • /w/: washing, warm, wide, walk, water, wave, whisper, wings, warn, wolves, where, wallow, words, woolly, weather
    • /m/: move, mouth, music, male, mom, mud
    • /n/: Natalie, nod, not, noisy, nuzzle, night
    • /h/: how, whole, howl, hops, honeybees, he, his, hide, hungry, hunters, her, hug, hot, hippo, help, hat, huddle
    • /t/: tongue, telephone, together, time, tail, tight, two, toes
    • /d/: dust, dance, danger, dinner, Dan, dog, day
    • /f/: food, fast, fur, far, find, feathers, feet
    • s-blends: sleeping, swings, spoon, scoop, swallow, slurp, sticky, skip, snail, slowly, scuttles, squirts, scrub, splash, swivels, spider, still, snowy, squeezing, strong, stay, squirrel, sticking, steaming, spring, sleepy, sloth
    • /k/: chameleon, catches, kangaroo, colors, cuddle, cool, keeping, call, climb, coat, cold, koala
    • ‘th’: teeth, thousands, things, together, brothers, their, these, this, thick
    • ‘ch’: munch, crunch, catches, chitter-chattering, chats, chirp, chat, chilly
    • ‘sh’: shower, washes, shout, shaking, show, shovel, shiver, sheep, shuts, sharp
    • r-blends: tree, crab, trunk, friends, bright, travel, creep, ground, grows, freezing, dreams
    • l-blends: playing, flicking, fly, clean, flowers, blends, fluttering, fluffy, clothes
  • Pronouns I, you, her, she, him, his, he, them, they, we
  • Work on simple expressive language
    • 1) Make the different animal noises and label the animals (bee, bear, elephant, giraffe, lion, frog)
    • 2) Create 2-word utterances (i.e., bees buzz, lion roar, frog jump, giraffe eat)
    • 3) Use carrier phrases (i.e., I see____. I spy ____, I found ____, See the ____)

I created this resource to work specifically on ‘who’ questions. Most of the answers can be found in this book, with a few that will require some background knowledge! Feel free to download the entire printable (color and black/white available) over on my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

I hope you have fun reading this book along with your child – it is definitely one of our favorites! I love all of the learning that can be incorporated and my kids like getting to move around as they read. If that’s something that your kids enjoy as well, I’m A Dirty Dinosaur is also a fun, active book.

If you are interested in purchasing this book to add to your home or school library, you can order it right here!

Happy Reading!

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