Flippy Floppy Farm Animals

Your child will love turning all of the flaps in a quest to find the different farm animals hidden throughout the book!

Usborne has two books in this series: Flippy Floppy Farm Animals and Flippy Floppy Ocean Animals. We currently have the farm animals book, but ocean animals is on our wishlist!

I love all of the speech and language that can be targeted with this simple book. Take a peek at the cover and look at everything we can talk about!

  • Wh- questions: Who do you see? Where is the mouse? Who is in the pond? What is the bunny doing? What sound does a dog make?
  • Concepts: ON – who is on the bull? UNDER – What is under the bird? IN – How many animals are in the water?
  • Expressive language: I see a _____, I found a _____
  • Receptive language: Point to the barn, show me a pink animal, point to the animal that barks
  • So many beginning sounds! bunny, barn, baby, bull, pig, pond, pink, mouse, mud, milk, mane, water, hen, horse, horn, hay, fence, farm, fishing, cat, carrot, goat, goose. See when all of these beginning sounds are typically mastered by.

Okay, let’s take a peek into the book! This book uses repetitive text, so quickly your child will be able to ‘read’ along. Each page begins with, ‘Can you find me? I’m hiding somewhere!’ These two sentences alone work on pronoun usage (you, me, I), asking yes/no questions, and present progressive -ing.

Can you find me? I’m hiding somewhere!
It’s me, Goose!
It’s me, Hen!
It’s me, Sheep!
You found me!

There are also pages for finding the horse, pig, and bull. Your child is able to work on prediction (what animal do you think will come next?, where do you think the mouse will be?) and turn taking if reading to multiple children as they flip each flap. There are so many things that your child can label and different objects and animals for your child to find!

I love when I am able to work on sequencing with books, so I created this simple activity to pair with this book. It works on labeling animals, matching the picture in the book to the picture on the sheet, and sequencing the story. You can also download it over on my Teachers Pay Teachers site (which also includes a black/white version).

If you would like to take a peek inside this book, I do have a video that includes this book – forward to 2:09!

If you are looking for other farm books, I would definitely recommend checking out my post about Night, Night on the Farm.

Happy Reading!

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