Fairy Tales (and Disney!)

Not only do we LOVE books in our home, we also LOVE Disney! 
Ever since my oldest was young, I have enjoyed reading different versions of classic fairy tales to my children. We are able to compare them, discussing their similarities and differences. I also like learning about which version they prefer and their reasons for liking one over the other. 
Usborne carries some great titles that tell the story of classic fairy tales through unique pop-up and peek-through books. Check out all of their pop-up books (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty) and peek-inside books (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast).

Here are a few pages inside Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Beauty and the Beast. If you are unfamiliar with Usborne’s flap books, I must say that they do a great job creating durable flaps. I also love the simple story line in these books, the illustrations and the intricate cut outs.

I encourage you to check out my Peek Inside blog post to get some ideas to encourage speech and language development when reading these books.

A few quick tips include:

  • concepts: under/behind (What is under/behing the flap?), through (Can you see anything through the gate?), open/close the flap
  • labeling: there are so many brightly colored pictures. Have your child tell you what they all see on a page. If that is too difficult, see if they are able to point to different pictures that you label
  • expand expressive language – ‘the cat is sleeping’, ‘the bird is flying’
  • speech sounds: check out my blog post on speech sound production to see what sounds you should be encouraging with your little one. In this particular book, there are SO many /b, p, m/ words: bedroom, prettiest, Belle, Prince, mirror, promised, Beast, boxes, music, big

So, like I said above, we also love Disney! Give me the opportunity for my family to match and I will take it! Here are some of our fun matching shirts that we have worn over the years – which one do you like the most? 

This was for our first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I simply cut the shapes out of felt and sewed them on the shirts – super simple!
This was on the same trip as above. We were celebrating my son’s 6th birthday and he was OBSESSED with Buzz Lightyear at the time. I created simple tulle skirts for my daughter and I to make it look a little more ‘girly’.
This was taken in Disneyland – we were so excited to meet the Marvel characters for the first time!
This was on my son’s 5th birthday – my friend Emily designed the shirts for us. I really loved how unique they were!

We are heading back to Disney World soon and I am currently on the hunt for our next family shirts! I would love to hear your ideas – message me!

Happy Reading!

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