Teacher Appreciation Week

This week was teacher appreciation week and it was BUSY in our house! Unfortunately, I didn’t get this post up until the END of the week, but hopefully you can use some of these ideas for future years!

This is what I have done for the past couple years for the classrooms that I have been the room parent in. It has been well received by parents and children. Feel free to contact me here if you are having a difficult time downloading it.

Let’s talk a little bit about Thursday – Book Dedication Day. Here are some fictional book ideas I would recommend!

Pre-K and Kindergarten: Any of Usborne’s Phonics Readers

1st Grade: The Hey Jack books and Billie B. Brown books are great

2nd Grade: Bear Grylls for the boys and Olivia’s Secret Scribbles for the girls

3rd Grade: Axel & Beast for the boys and Tanglewood Animal Park for the girls

4th Grade: The Mythical 9th Division for the boys and EJ12 for the girls

5th Grade: The Impossible Quest for boys and girls

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