I can’t get over how many UNIQUE books Usborne has – every time I get new non-fiction books, I am amazed by how information is presented in such fun ways!

In this book, children (and adults!) are able to compare themselves to lifesize animal parts – how does your tongue compare to a giraffe’s? Are your toenails as large as an African elephant’s? Try on some lifesize kangaroo ears!

My son looks pretty good with kangaroo ears!

In addition to fun interactions on every page, the author provides bite-sized chunks of information about a variety of different animals – I learned some new facts! Did you know that a group of giraffes is called a tower? How about that a bee hummingbird can beat its wings 80 times per second?

Here are some speech and language tips as you read through this book. This book is appropriate for children as young as 2 all the way up to children in elementary school. The following tips first focus on younger children and then older children.

  • Beginning sounds /b, p, m, n, w, h/: panda, hummingbird, high-five, polar bear, paw, biggest, huge, help, weight, narwhal, beak, nose, hot, birds, parakeet, hole, bottom. Check out my post on Speech Sound Production to see when your child should have different sounds mastered by.
  • Being able to add movement when reading is great for little ones. Have your child flap their arms like a bee hummingbird, give the polar bear a high-five and jump around like a kangaroo. This also works on direction following!
  • Talk about body parts – for the younger children, it is as easy as labeling. For older children, they can compare and contrast similarities/differences between humans and animals
  • /l/ – the word LIFESIZE is used 20 times in this book! Other /l/ words include: lampreys, lookout, lunch, live, largest, legs, langur, leaf, land, lizard.
  • Great adjectives are used throughout the book (including comparatives/superlatives): biggest, smallest, largest, longest, tallest, tiny, gigantic, huge,
  • New vocabulary: camouflage, flamboyance, swivel, predator, boomer

We had a lot of fun ‘trying on’ different animal parts and comparing ourselves to LIFESIZE animals.

My daughter loved how a beak looked on her!
My son couldn’t quite open his mouth as wide as a Bengal tiger can!

This book can be purchased through my e-commerce site here. Usborne also just recently released Lifesize Dinosaurs, so if you have a dinosaur-lover in your family, this may be the perfect book. You can purchase that book here.

I would love to hear what you think about this book; send me a message!

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