Kisses, Cuddles, and Good Night!

Usborne Books & More has created another wonderful reusable sticker board book! These are so great when working on speech and language (see my post for All Better here and Little Bear Needs Glasses here). The reusable stickers really ARE reusable – when they lose their stickiness, just wash the hard plastic stickers with a little water, let air dry, and…VOILA!… they are just as sticky as before!

This book would be most appropriate for ages 4 and under (although my 9 year old enjoys it too!). The repetitive text is great, and you will soon hear your little one ‘reading’! Here are some speech/language tips as you read it (over and over and over!).

  • Speech sounds to target:
    • Bilabials /b, p, m/ (typically mastered by the age of 3): bed, busy, pig, mud, match
    • Velars /k, g/ (typically mastered by the age of 4): kiss, cuddle, cow, cat, good, gives
    • S-blends: stuffed, splashed, spent, sleepy, sleeping
  • Concepts:
    • on/off (when taking the stickers on and off the page)
    • next to/under/in front of/in when placing the stuffed animal sticker by their animal owner
    • big/small when comparing the sizes of the different animals and the sizes of the animals to their stuffed animals
    • same/different: all of the animals have stuffed animals that match them except the chick (he has a rooster stuffed animal)
  • Work on following simple directions:
    • Point to the cat
    • Give me the cow
    • Put the rooster by the chick
  • Verbs: both past and present tense verbs are used in this book as the author first describes what the animal did each day and then says that now the animal is tired and ready for bed. Past tense verbs include: played, climbed, splashed, romped, cheeped, got, spent, ran, did, ate, was, leapt
  • Pronouns he, his and she, her are used. Since we can’t tell which animals are really a girl or boy, see if your child is able to figure out if the animal is a boy or girl based on the pronouns you use to describe them (i.e., Chick cheeped all day long, everywhere he went – ‘Is chick a boy or a girl?’).

Use this printable activity below to help your child understand the concept of sequencing. Which animal went to sleep first? Who came next? Who was the last animal to go to sleep?

I would love for you to tell me which reusable sticker book is your favorite. All Better! wins for me, although the other two are very close behind!

Feel free to check out this book over on my e-commerce site here.

Happy Reading!

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