Zoo Trip!

Here in Wisconsin we had a 50+ degree day, which meant the perfect day to enjoy the zoo!

We took along our ‘animal guides’ to help us in identifying all the animals!

Eli used the 199 Animals book when finding different animals. How neat to get to pair a picture with the actual animal! He also likes to use this book when playing with his animal toys – see my post here for a picture of him playing! Mila used the Pocket Books: Mammals. She is four and is very interested in learning additional facts about animals, so this is perfect for her. I also like that it is small and can easy get tucked in my backpack.

Here are some additional ways we worked on language today:

  • Learned a new word: hibernation (the bears and badgers are still hibernating!)
  • Found animals with stripes (tiger, zebra, fish) and spots (snakes, fish, cheetah, jaguar)
  • Found big and little animals (specifically with the fish today)
  • Described the differences between males and females (i.e., a male lion’s mane, different faces on the orangutans)
  • Talked about animals in and out of the water
  • Used a variety of verbs – swimming, sleeping, pacing, walking, resting, flying, swinging, hanging

Here is a free printable for you, focusing on zoo animals! Print off two sets of animals and play a matching game, or head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers site HERE for some additional activities, including classification, rhyming, beginning sound awareness and syllabification!

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