Snail Brings the Mail

Here is another Phonics Reader by Usborne. This book is just as funny as A Lizard in a Blizzard and has a creative story line that makes children want to read it again. Reading books over and over again is such great practice when they are a beginner reader as it helps them develop fluency (the ability to read text accurately, quickly and with expression). It is also great for a non-reader because it helps the child learn new vocabulary, recognize the pattern and rhythm of text, and understand a little more about the story itself.

Here are some speech and language tips as you read this book:

  • Speech sounds
    • s-blends: snail, starts, sky, stuck, snow
    • r-blends: brings, tree, three, from, friends, drops, tractor
    • /d/ – day, dawn, dusk, does, dark, deal, done
    • /f/ – fail, fox
  • Rhyming
    • snail/mail/fail/hail/gale/pale/wail/sale
    • box/fox
    • three/bee/me/tree/see
    • go/slow/snow
    • day/say
  • Emotions: happy, tired (exhausted), defeated, disappointed, upset, surprised
  • Pronouns: I, my, you, he, his, they
  • Present tense verbs: brings, wakes, drops, starts, blows, turns

Here is a simple rhyming activity to use along with this book. You can also print this and the b/w version through my Teachers Pay Teachers site here.

I love to also read non-fiction books that correlate to the fiction books that I read to my children. I do this so that we can talk about real and unreal and they begin to learn how to compare and contrast! The book Otters, Snails and Tadpole Tails is a collection of poems about animals in the wetland and is a perfect book to read alongside this one.

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