Switch and Swap: Animals

Here is a FUN book that is great to use when working on speech and language. My children enjoy this book, though I do recommend adult supervision (I explain why in the video).

As you see in the picture, the left side of the page shows the picture of the animal, and then on the right side are three Velcro pieces that you can attach the animal’s head, body and legs too. There are 120 different combinations your child can make with these 15 pieces!

Here are some speech and language tips as you read this book and manipulate the pieces:

  • Speech sounds
    • bilabials /b, p, m/ – bear, bunny, birds, ball, bow-tie, polka-dots, purple, pink, moon, mustache
    • s-blends – spots, stripes, switch, swap, stick
  • Have your child take all 15 pieces out of the book and sort them into the following groups: head, body, legs
  • Concepts
    • on/off when manipulating the animal pieces
    • top/middle/bottom when placing the pieces on the velcro
    • first/then when giving directions (first put on the legs then the body)
      • TIP: First/Then is a very important concept to learn as your child grows and can be used in so many contexts – ‘First put your coat on, then get in the car’.
    • same/different (compare the animal your child made to the animal in the picture – is it the same or different?)
  • Answering yes/no questions
  • Naming parts of the body

Check out the video for a peek inside this book and why I would recommend parental supervision!

You can check out this book as well as Switch and Swap: Ocean on my e-commerce site here.

I hope you have fun reading (and playing with!) this book!

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