Paint Me A Picture

Giving children words to use to express their emotions is such an important skill for them to learn. This book helps to teach children some of those words, while pairing beautiful illustrations.

I like that this book is able to grow with a child. Here are some ideas as you read this book with a toddler/preschool child.

  • Identify colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black, gray
  • Label pictures – ‘I see a flower. Can you point to the sun?’
  • Pronouns he, she, him, her, they, them
  • Verbs – splash, water, fly, sail, dance, play, talk, race
  • Use simple emotions with each page (happy, brave, calm, loving, cheerful)
  • Emphasize the rhyming text (grow/bow, wide/pride, way/play, place/race, you/blue, three/see)
  • /p/ – picture, paint, pink, purple, primary, peaceful
  • /b/ – balloons, bow, bike, bold
  • l-blends – blue, flowers, play, place, floating, clear
  • r-blends – grow, dress, pride, green, brave, bright

Here is a printable to go along with the book! You can also find it here on my Teachers Pay Teachers site.

For an older child, I love the vocabulary that is used to describe the feelings and emotions. In the printable below, I took some of the emotions that were written in the book. See if your child is able to think of synonyms and/or antonyms for these words. Also have them describe a time that they have felt that way. These printables can also be found on my Teachers Pay Teachers site here. I also really like how the illustrator combines drawing and painting in his pictures; it may inspire your artist to combine mediums when creating pictures.

You can check out this book on my e-commerce site here. Pairing this book with paints and a book like this 365 Things to Draw and Paint would make a fun gift for younger children. For older children, I would recommend pairing this book along with one of Usborne’s activity books – The Unworry Book or Be Brave (see inside this book on the video). I also really like the book Art Skills for older children as it teaches about many different art mediums.


How do you feel today?

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