This is Owl

Books that include interactive components are so much fun for kids (we love the book Press Here by Herve Tullet for that very reason!). Kids will feel a part of the story as they wake Owl up, help him fly and discover a special surprise in Owl’s nest. It is a heart-warming story that is sure to become a family favorite!

Here are some speech and language tips as you read through this story. Because the story is so hands-on, it lends itself to a lot of spontaneous interaction!

  • /w/ – welcome, woods, owl, wake, we, waiting, wave, world
  • /t/ – turn, tickle, tummy, times, tilt, together
  • s-blends – special, start, switch, sweep
  • l-blends – blow, closer, cleaned, clap, cloud, flap, fly, please
  • vocabulary: nocturnal, audience, distracted, tilt, disaster, twigs
  • pronouns you, me, we, I, they, your, their
  • different actions to do throughout the book – tickle Owl’s tummy, clap three times, draw a moon, tilt the page, flap the pages together, draw some twigs, blow a kiss – work on following directions!
    • Use ‘stop’ and ‘go’ when performing these actions
  • Negation – no, nope, not
  • ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’ questions asked within the story’s text and many additional ‘wh’ questions you can ask as you read. There are many opportunities for prediction!

Here is a free printable to go along with the story. See if your child can find all of these forest animals in the book! You can print these (along with the black/white versions) over on my Teachers Pay Teachers site here.

Love these little pages!

Are you wondering what happens at the end of the story? You can purchase the book through my e-commerce site here and find out!

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