A Tale of Two Beasts

I currently work in the high school as a speech language pathologist and some of my students have goals related to understanding perspective. It is such an important LIFE SKILL to have as they navigate friendships, bosses, teachers and family dynamics. 

This is such a fun book to use to introduce the idea of perspective to your little one. As the story unfolds of a little girl rescuing a forest animal, the perspective of the girl (a.k.a The Terrible Beast) and the animal (a.k.a. The Strange Beast) are very different. I love how the author/illustrator, Fiona Roberton, uses many of the same pictures as the different sides of the story are told. When the pictures are a little different, it is because she wants you to see it from the perspective of that character.

Here are some additional speech and language tips as you read through this book:

  • Pronouns – I, me, my, he, him, his, she, her
  • Regular past tense verbs – spied, carried, wrapped, showed, loved, opened
  • Irregular past tense verbs – stuck, gave, made, took, ran, kept
  • Adjectives – lovely, gorgeous, delicious, beautiful, disgustingly, ridiculous, tiny
  • Emotions (SO many emotions!) – happy, sad, scared/afraid, nervous, angry, disappointed, excited, relieved

Check out the video below, where I read you a page from the little girl’s perspective and a page from the animal’s perspective.

You can find this book over on my e-commerce site here.

‘There are two sides to every story, and then there is the truth.’ Mark Twain

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