Nibbles: The Book Monster

For some reason, my kids LOVE books with holes in them, and this book does not disappoint (there are 7 holes in this book… naughty monster!).

I enjoy finding hidden surprises in the books that I read (check out Night, Night on the Farm!). This book has three books in the middle that Nibbles nibbles through. I love that the author/illustrator, Emma Yarlett, chose common fairy tales as the three books because then you can talk to your child about how Nibbles changes the story by nibbling right into the book.

This book elicits excitement in children as they follow Nibble’s adventures, helping to also increase their verbalizations! Here are a few speech and language tips as you read the book:

  • Open/Close as you manipulate his cage flap (3 opportunities in the book)
  • Ask ‘Where did Nibbles go?’ or ‘Where is Nibbles?’ Answers may include: ‘Through the hole’, ‘In the bath’, ‘On the table’, ‘In the crate’,
  •  A lot of bombardment with /n/ – Nibbles, nibble, naughty, noise, never, not
  • s-blends: story, sweet, smashed, stop, strange, stomped, sniff 
  • Rhyming: socks/clocks, hooks/books
  • Synonyms for nibble – chew, gnaw

I invite you to check out the video below to see a few pages in the book – beware of the last page! 

I love the mini books inside!

You can check out this book on my e-commerce site here. As you saw in the video, Usborne also has Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide and Nibbles: Numbers (went out-of-stock within weeks, but it will be back!). 

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I do!

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