Dragon Post

Who loves getting mail? I do (although it mainly consists of bills these days – 5 children are expensive!).

My children love reading this book because they are able to ‘open’ the letters addressed to the main character, Alex, as he seeks advice regarding what he should do with the dragon in his house. The story line of a helpful child, who in the end, does what is best for his friend, is charming.

Here are some speech and language tips as you read this book:

  • R-blends
    • dragon, Draco (the name of Alex’s street), brigade, dried, tried, growing, professional, crept
  • Concepts out/in when manipulating each letter
  • Emotions – happy, sad, worried, mad, excited, scared
  • Past tense regular (loved, dried, opened) and irregular (made, knew, said) verbs
  • Vocabulary
    • talk about different containers (bottle, bowl, pitcher, vase, can)
    • use words related to the mail (letter, envelope, stamp, address)
  • Predicting
    • Who do you think Alex will write a letter to next?
    • What do you think they will say?

I have to give you a peek inside this book so that you can see how interactive it is!

I love the five notes!

I would love to send you some mail! Check out this book on my e-commerce site here and you can have the book sent right to you!

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