You Choose

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

This book guides you through a variety of choices that the reader is able to make, and you can have them answer A LOT of questions as you go such as: ‘Why would you choose the city?’, ‘What do you think you would see there?’, ‘What animals would you find in the desert?’, ‘Have you ever been to the beach?’

Here are a few of the questions posed on different pages:

  • What kind of home would you choose?
  • Would you travel with wheels or wings?
  • When you got hungry, what would you eat?
  • Is there a job you’d like to do?
  • Where would you sleep?

The pictures are so vibrant, and I find new things every time I read the book with my children. The illustrator’s attention to detail is fabulous!

Here are some speech/language tips as you read this book (again and again!):

  • Increase utterance length (from verbally labeling single words, to stringing multiple words together using carrier phrases like ‘I found a___’, I spy a ___’, ‘I want the ___’
  • Increase understanding of language by having the child point to specific things. Have them find pictures that are between other pictures, or under/over a certain picture
  • Ask/answer questions – you can work on yes/no questions and all wh- questions
  • Pronouns! There is a boy, girl and cat on every page. What do you think they would like?
    • He would choose pizza.
    • She would go on a roller coaster.
    • It would live on a pirate ship.

Here is a free printable to use when working on wh- questions as you read the book. Sometimes, it is very helpful for a child to have a visual of a certain concept. You can download it from my Teachers Pay Teachers site here.

Check out the video below to see inside the book!

You can find this book over on my website here and there is also a You Choose in Space that you can take a peek at here!

Enjoy choosing your next adventure!

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