Night, Night on the Farm

You guys! I just got this book yesterday and I HAD to write about it right away – it is such a unique, FUN book. My two-year-old hasn’t put it down (he’s napping right now, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to create the video below!)

Within this board book are 4 mini books that are attached to the main book (so no losing any pieces!). It is such a cute story line; the farm animals are reading bedtime books to their children, and we get to read along!

There are so many language opportunities throughout this book. Here are a few to think about as you read to your child:

  • Concepts
    • Model push/pull or in/out when manipulating the mini books
  • Ask you child different wh- questions
    • ‘Where is the cat?’ – The cat is on each page
    • ‘Who is this?’ – As you point to different animals
    • ‘What is the lamb doing?’ – Working on verbs (i.e., sleeping, running)
  • New vocabulary
    • Where the animals stay (cowshed, stable, meadow, chicken coop)
    • Names for the babies (calves, foals, lambs, chicks)
    • How can you tell the animals are ‘ready to listen’?

There are different things to focus on within each mini book as well.

  • Hide-and-seek Hen
    • Location concepts under, behind, between, high
    • Time/Sequence concepts first, second, third, fourth
  • Out and About
    • Time/Sequence concepts first, second, third, fourth
    • Counting
  • Colors Everywhere!
    • Purple, pink, blue, yellow, brown, green, white, orange, blue
    • Adjectives – fluffy, crunchy, woolly, juicy, shiny, sparkling
  • Farmyard Babies
    • Answering wh- questions (‘Whose baby is this?’)
    • Counting
    • Labeling animals

Watch the video below to see how I read it to my two-year-old to bombard him with language and to encourage him to verbalize more.

I love the mini books!

There are also so many activities you can pair with this book – anything with farm animals! Feel free to check out some ideas over on my Pinterest page!

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