I’m a Dirty Dinosaur

This book describes my son perfectly – you can find me cleaning mud-caked clothes ALL.THE.TIME!

I love how durable this book is – the pages are very thick, making it (almost) impossible to tear.

My son loves finding the bird on each page!

This is a simple, easy to read book that is full of speech/language opportunities!

  • Speech sounds
    • /d/ – dirty, dinosaur (repeated throughout book)
    • s-blends – snout, sniff, snuff, splatter, street, stamp, slide, snail, stomp, swamp
  • Rhyming
    • snout/about, face/place, tum/drum, feet/street, tail/snail
  • Pair movement with the different dinosaur actions
    • sniff, shake, tap, stamp, slide, wash
  • Talk about body parts
    • Do you have a snout? No, but you do have a nose!
    • Do you have a tail? No! Name some animals with tails.
    • Do you have a ‘tum’? Yes! Show me where your tummy is.
  • Have your child show you the dirty dinosaur and the clean dinosaur

I also created a printable book companion to go along with this book. You can check it out here on my Teachers Pay Teachers site.

Included in the book companion is this printable book – feel free to print to work on colors, expanding utterance length and following directions.

To get a closer look at the book, head on over to my e-commerce site.  UBAM has another book entitled I’m a Hungry Dinosaur (I have a few of those in my house, too!).

love kara

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