There’s A Mouse About the House!

Who has had a mouse in their house? Sadly, I have a couple of times!

I am loving this book for language stimulation! Here are some different ways to encourage language understanding and usage through this book:

  • Reinforce concepts ‘in/out’ and ‘through’ every time the mouse goes through the slot
  • There are 5 lift the flaps, and you can work on the concept ‘under’
  • While following the mouse’s path, you will need to go ‘between, around, on top of, up, under, in , over’ different things. You can also work on fine motor skills by having your child follow the dotted line with the mouse or their finger!
  • If you child has difficulty with the /m/ sound, this is a great book as they can work on saying ‘mouse’
  • They can point to and label different household vocabulary (different toys, animals, rooms of the house). Depending on their language level, you could ask them to point to different things or you could point to them and have them verbally label
  •  Practice one-word utterances (i.e., mouse, hi, bye, cat, uh-oh), two-word utterances (i.e., hi mouse, bye mouse, see cat, see bird), and longer utterances (I see cat, mouse goes in)
  • Work on prediction! What does your child think may happen on the next page? That is a great way to stimulate expressive language
  • ‘mouse’ and ‘house’ rhyme – think of some more rhyming words using the vocabulary in the book – cat, bed, door, clock, etc.

While the pages are a thick, laminated paper, they will still rip as the mouse goes through the slot if you are not careful (thank goodness for the 50% replacement on all books ordered through me!).

Feel free to check this book out through my e-commerce site here.

‘A Squirrel’s Tale’ is now in my cart to purchase – I’ll let you know how that one is soon!

love kara

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