199 Books

These durable board books are filled with colorful pictures that will intrigue children and help to elicit some great language production! Children will enjoy pointing to and labeling the different things they see, and you will help to expand their vocabulary by labeling pictures they are unsure of!

I recently took my children to the zoo and my son brought along the 199 Animals book. He LOVED matching the pictured animal to the actual animal! Check out that post here for some ideas for incorporating language at the zoo!

Here are some expressive and receptive language ideas:

  • SO MANY concepts you can work on
    • top/bottom (Point to an animal at the top of the page)
    • next to/between/above/below (Which animal is between the lion and tiger?)
    • before/after (Before you point to the dog, point to the bird)
    • first/last (Point to the snake first and the lizard last)
  • Ask a variety of wh- questions
    • Where does a shark live?
    • Who is near the black and white dog?
    • What sound does a cat make?
  • Expand expressive language – from single words to multi-word utterances (I see a ____, I found a ____, Look at the ____)
  • I love pairing toys with books – my children enjoy seeing how many of their toys they can match with the pictures in the books!

I have some additional ideas for expanding their understanding of adjectives in the video!

Let me show you inside the 199 Animals book! I will also give you some additional ideas for expanding understanding of adjectives.

watch the video

Some titles include: 199 Things that Go, 199 Things at the Seaside and 199 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals. Check out all of the titles here.

I have created a free resource to go along with 199 Zoo Animals on my Teachers Pay Teachers site. You can access it here.

Up for a challenge? If 199 things aren’t enough, you can always check out our 1001 books here!

love kara

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