Peek Inside books

The Peek Inside books are fun books for little ones! They love the multiple lift-the-flaps on each page where they are able to ‘peek inside’ at different things.

The author combines non-fiction information appropriate for the little ones (i.e. ‘An elephant’s nose is called a trunk’) and also asks different questions to help your little ones work on their prediction skills (i.e., ‘Can you guess who lives in here?’). With the colorful pictures, your child will enjoy labeling everything they see and there are so many options for you ask them questions!

This sturdy, durable board book is a great addition to your library. With so many different titles (Peek Inside Dinosaurs, Peek Inside Space, Peek Inside the Sea), there is a peek inside book for everyone!

Check out all of the different titles HERE!

watch the video

I have created a free resource to go along with Peek Inside the Zoo on my Teachers Pay Teachers site. You can access it here.

love kara

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