Pull-Back Busy Books

There is so much language development and learning that can be done with these books (and your child won’t even know!). First of all, I love that these small toys are able to move around a track and no batteries are needed (I am tired of buying batteries)!

The age recommendation for these books are 3+; however, I feel that children younger than 1 will enjoy and benefit from them (they will just need help getting the toy on the track AND you need to be watchful for choking hazards).

Here are some language tips!

  • Verbs – describe what all the people are doing
  • Pronouns – he, she, him, her, his, hers, them, theirs
  • Concepts
    • stop/go (Make the car go!)
    • pull (pull back on the car)
  • Utterance length
    • Verbalizing ‘car’ to get the car
    • Using carrier phrases to expand utterance length (‘I want car’, ‘My turn car’)
    • Describe what you see in the picture (I see a ____, Look at the ____)

Check out the video below. I am going to show you my favorite page in the Pull-Back Busy Car Book; it made me laugh out loud when I saw it the first time!

watch the video

Other books in the series include: Pull-Back Busy Helicopter Book, Pull-Back Busy Train Book and Pull-Back Busy Santa Book.

Which Pull-Back book do you think your little one would enjoy?

Check out the 5 Pull-Back books here!

love kara

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