Muddle and Match

These funny, interactive books keep kids intrigued by the many different ways to read each page.

Little ones are able to make silly people/animals by changing the head, body and legs with these sturdy board books. Concepts ‘top, middle, bottom’ and ‘same/different’ can be taught. You can also talk about which animal is ‘under’ or ‘above’ another one. Exposing children to alliterations (when the same letter/sound is used at the beginning of each word) at a young age is great for understanding phonemes. These books may inspire your young elementary readers to create their own Muddle and Match book!

There are nine different Muddle and Match books – perfect for a sports lover, an animal lover or a superhero! Is there are certain sound you would like to target? Below lists each Muddle and Match book along with the letter sounds that are targeted. I have them ordered from earlier developing sounds (b, p, m) to later developing sounds (r, l, s).

  • Adventure /b, p, m, w, f, k, r, s/
  • Fairy Tales  /b, p, g, s/, ‘j’
  • Farm Animals /p, h, d, k, g, l, r, s/
  • Imagine /b, p, m, w, f, k, s/
  • Jobs /m, p, t, d, k, s, z/
  • Jungle Animals /b, p, m, f, k, g, z/
  • Monsters /b, m, k, g, r, /, ‘y’
  • Sports /b, w, t, k, g, r, s/
  • Superheroes /d, v, t, k, r, l, s, z/

Check out all of the Muddle and Match books here!

I found this fun activity from, and wanted to re-create it with the Muddle and Match books in mind. Since I am NOT an artist, I used clip art from Creative Clips to make the animals. Below is a PDF of the 8 animals in the Jungle Animals book that is available to download and print!

Below is a video so that you can take a peek inside the Muddle and Match Jungle Animals book.

watch the video
Such a FUN, interactive book!

Muddle and Match is a magnificent choice!

love kara

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