That’s Not My…

The That’s Not My Unicorn was the 50th book in this well-loved series, and many more have been added since (Llama, Flamingo, Narwhal, Sloth, Wombat). From tractors and trucks to princesses and fairies, from monkeys and pandas to cows and bunnies there is something for every 0-4 year old out there! Babies and toddlers love the different textures on each page and it is a great opportunity for caregivers to introduce the child to different adjectives – soft, bumpy, rough, smooth, etc. I especially like the books that have the rough texture to work on saying, ‘Ow!’ when feeling it!

Here is a chart that has a list of the textures included in each book in case you are looking for a certain one. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. Also, if your child is working on s-blends, there are a lot of books that have s-blend words (smooth, squashy, spotted, slippery, sparkly, scratchy).

Each book has the same repetitive text, “That’s not my ____, it’s ____ is/are too ____.” This allows toddlers to easily learn how to ‘read’ these books, thus working on producing multi-word utterances. There also is a mouse to find on each page. One of my son’s first words was ‘mouse’ because of these books! Check out the video below to see a few different titles and peek inside the books!

watch the video

I found this fun idea by @funchildcraft, and had to try it out for myself! My kids loved going around our yard and finding different things to poke through the hole (sand, fence, bark, slide, etc.). It was great and really helped elicit language and adjectives!

What do hedgehogs, angels, tractors, dinosaurs, mermaids and pirates all have in common? They are all in the That’s Not My… series!

Check out all the That’s Not My… books on my e-commerce site here!

I love using printable books during therapy to help my students with understanding directions and simple concepts as well as increasing their utterance length. Follow these links to my Teachers Pay Teachers site for some printable books that I have created.

That’s Not My Turkey (free)

That’s Not My Reindeer (free)

That’s Not My Valentine ($1.00)

love kara

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