All Better

Clean it, kiss it, put a bandage on it… all better!

This is the cutest book and one of my FAVORITES! It is a durable board book with reusable stickers (yes, really… check out the video below to see how durable they are!). Did you know that developing motor skills (like picking up the bandages using a pincer grasp) also helps in developing language?  My two and four year old love this book (so does mom when it keeps them entertained in church!).

This book is so great for children that are learning to talk. You can work on simple concepts like on/off when manipulating the bandages. Have your child label the animals – practice the noises the animals make! You can also work on color matching and animal matching with the bandages. What animal comes after the monkey? Which one comes before the bear? Check out the video below for more speech and language tips.

watch the video

Below is a free printable that I created to go along with this book! I also have a book companion that you can download over on my Teachers Pay Teachers site here.

In addition to All Better, Usborne Books & More has two more reusable sticker board books! You can check out all of the books on my e-commerce site by clicking on each book’s title: All Better | Little Bear Needs Glasses |Kisses, Cuddles and Goodnight.

Enjoy helping these animals feel All Better!

love kara

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